Thursday, October 17, 2013

AAUO Progress Report 10.17.13

I am working — after a couple of weeks off — on part 2 of the rules for An Age Undreamed Of. This is the game systems section of the book, and approximately the second third of the core rules. I'm having to go back and tweak Part 1 more than I expected. I even added an entirely new skill (for a total of 33 in the core rules and one more as of right now planned as a definite inclusion for later.)

Combat is mostly going to follow the d20 model, stripped down to remove cruft but with a few tidbits from elsewhere fitted in. I haven't started skills and actions yet, although I have it outlined, but what is definitely not going to be in the rules is a multipage rules section for each skill. A paragraph for most of them, and a brief one if that, with a few getting more explanation.

I've also done a little bit of sketching on the source map for the graphic in the last post, refining some placeholder names and shuffling some stuff around to make it fit better. I am not what you could call "working seriously" on this end of the project at this point.

The standard AAUO Disclaimer:
I am creating a (tabletop) fantasy role-playing game called An Age Undreamed Of, set in a mythical Forsaken Age. It is "old school" but not a a retro-clone. AAUO is built on a stripped-down d20 engine, injected with ideas from other RPGs of the late 70s and early 80. Anything you read about it here should be understood as notes on a work in progress.