Friday, November 1, 2013

Progress and Intentions, November 2013

There will be no Inspirations post today; this has been an extremely difficult and even toxic week, and it's a miracle to have achieved what I have. Those keeping up with me on Google+ or reading A Linux Journal will have some idea what that has been; setting up a computer specifically for productivity and with minimal distractions. The good news is that this is now done, so I can dive back into work on An Age Undreamed Of. (And my other creative projects in due time, but AAUO is at the front of the line right now.)

It's also November 1st... which means that it's National Novel Writing Month, abbreviated NaNoMcWahWah or something like that. I will not be participating, since a) AAUO is not a novel and b) it's already a third done in draft. Nevertheless, I have it in mind to set a like goal, which is to draft the other two-thirds of AAUO by month's end with an eye toward commencing proper playtesting some time in December or January. Totally doable, and with less word count than a novel; 1,000-1,500 words a day will get me there my month's end very easily.

My new draft files (I've changed from MS Office to LibreOffice) are set up and I'm ready to start adding words to them. Time starts now!